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How I Conquered Work Experience

Work Experience can be a daunting task. Whether you have done it before or not. In this article I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to conquer work experience and how I am doing just that here at Merit.

Finding Work Experience

For some people, finding a good role for Work Experience is an easy task. They may have contacts in relevant Companies that will accept them, or they are at School and get assistance. However, for other people it can be a very tricky task. You will often find that the people having a harder time are adults or college students. This means that, they receive less or no support when searching for roles.

In order to find roles, it is important that you either search online, or go out and visit Companies. However, if you struggle talking to people, or have anxiety, it is best to apply online. Furthermore, if you have family members that work you can always ask if their company will allow you to work there. This will make it easier for you to apply as you already know about the company.

In my experience, for finding a role I had support from my college. We have a Work Experience coordinator who tells us about available roles within companies that the college has contact with. Most of the time she will email details about the role to us and then we could choose which ones to apply for. This made finding a role so much easier for me and other students.

Applying For Roles

When you apply for Work Experience it is important that you make sure the role relates to what you want to do in the future. By doing this you make sure that any skills you acquire can be used in the future. For example at college I am doing a Business course, so therefore I’m doing a Business role here at Merit.

Now that you have chosen a company, check that they offer work experience to students. Some companies do not offer it due to health and safety concerns, especially in industries where the work is very physical.

If they do offer work experience, then you can begin the application process. If they don’t then you just have to find another role that does.

The Application Process

The application process can be very daunting and will seem a lot harder than it actually is. However, with the right preparation, it will be fairly easy.

In order to apply for a role, you will need to have a CV and any forms your college / school has given you in regards to work experience. You have to give your employer your CV either by sending it to them or handing it over in person.

Make sure it has all the correct information on it, as well as anything else you would like to add such as examples of your work or references.

Once you have applied and been asked to do an interview, it’s a good idea to research the company. That way, when you do the interview, you will be more knowledgeable about the role.

This article was written by Brogan, who is currently doing her work experience placement here at Merit Recruitment. If you are interested in doing work experience, call 01256 471 508 or email Emma at

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