Think Like an Actor

How Thinking Like An Actor Can Get You A Job

Whether you’re into soap operas, theatre shows or Hollywood blockbusters, it is hard to deny that actors are everywhere these days. Their influence can inspire us, their performances can move us, and their personal stories can motivate us to be the best version of ourselves.

But what if we told you that they could also help you get a job?

Actors do not come out of thin air, after all. There is a lot of training behind the scenes – Techniques which, when applied correctly, can be incredibly useful to anyone on the job hunt.

Here are a few acting tips which could be the key to landing your next position.

Research the role

Before an actor goes anywhere near an auditioning room, they will research the part that they want in a play.

The same should go for you. You should not be applying for a job, or going into an interview room, without a firm idea of what you are applying for. Throwing your CV out randomly, without tailoring it to the appropriate job, will only decrease your chances of success.

As such, do your research about the role. Better still, research the company you are applying for and see if it is somewhere you would like to work. By doing this extra bit of legwork, you can rewrite your CV and cover letter to suit the particular job you are applying for. This will increase your chances of getting the position and may even give you an edge over the competition!

Be the character they are looking for

The moment an actor walks into a room, the director will be assessing them. Do they look like they could play the part? Do they appear confident and capable?

Employers are thinking the same thing when they pick up your CV. Is this person qualified for the position? Do I think they will fit in well with the company?

Become the character that they want you to be. This does not mean lying to them about who you are. Instead, draw attention to the qualities that you possess which they are keen to see. If they are looking for someone who is positive, bring out that side of your personality. If they want someone with admin experience, draw on examples where you have demonstrated it.

If you present yourself as the person they want to hire, then they are much more likely to hire you. Simple.

Prepare your lines

Actors will rehearse their lines day after day, memorising them as best as they can. They need to be ready for their cue and so do you!

If you make it to the interview stage of a job, you need to be ready for the questions they may ask you. Although every interview is different, there are some common questions that you can prepare for:

  • What did you do in your last position? For this question, discuss examples that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Your experience in a retail store might be relevant to a sales position, but not an admin position.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses before the interview. Choose the ones that will show off your best qualities or, in the case of weaknesses, show your ability to take criticism and adapt.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years time? Think about whether this is a long term position or not, and plan out your answer accordingly. Make it sound like you want to be part of their team!

Own the room

When an actor walks on stage, they need to own the space. Head up, firm eye contact, clear and strong voice. They want the director to feel their presence, and to make their audition much more memorable.

The same can be said for your interview. Employers will be looking for confidence – a strong presence who brings energy, enthusiasm and positivity to their business. They will not get that from you if you slouch, shuffle and mumble your way through their interview.

Own the interview space. Keep eye contact with your interviewers and speak clearly. Sometimes, a self-assured attitude is all you need to tip the scales in your favour.

Looking for more interview tips?

Our recruiters make sure that you are prepared for your interview by giving you a 1-on-1 training session. They can also help you find the perfect job that is suited to your skills and expertise. If you would like to speak to our recruiters, send your CV to or call 01256 471 508. Alternatively, you can head to our jobs board and apply to any position directly.

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