Top 5 Industry Sectors to look out for in 2020

Technological transformation

Technological advancement is undoubtedly the topic of the moment, as we have covered in many of our recent blog posts. As an interesting infographic from Guthrie Jensen (2018) illustrates,  it is becoming abundantly clear that changes in technology are shaping the jobs market as we know it, both directly and indirectly. In the direct sense, technology changes the nature of jobs by increasing the demand for those positions which deal specifically with new technologies and innovations. More indirectly, technological transformation affects employment through the way in which it alters people’s lifestyles and thus causing us to live and work for longer. The fact that we as a population are living longer due to technology has a knock-on effect on the types of jobs which are most highly valued. But which industry sectors will be the most crucial to our society by the end of the decade? Read on to find out…

The Direct Impact of Technology:

  1. Technology and Computational ThinkingPerhaps the least surprising industry sector to appear on the list, the constant influx and evolution of existing and new technologies in our world is causing a huge increase in the quantity and importance of jobs which involve using, understanding and manipulating technology. Once uncommon positions, such as data analysts for example, will soon become some of the most important in our jobs landscape.
  2. Social Intelligence and New Media Literacy Our social skills and ability to communicate with one another on a deeply complex and intelligent level undoubtedly set us apart from other species. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for jobs which deal with taking this social aspect of humanity and merging it with technology, as has been visible with the rapid expansion of social media in recent years. However, social media as we know it is only the tip of the iceberg, with New Media Platforms expected to continue growing and developing exponentially.

The Indirect Impact of Technology:

  1. CaregivingWhilst the fact that the human lifespan is continuing to increase as a result of technological transformation is by no means a negative, it is important not to ignore the extra pressure this puts on society. It therefore follows that careers in caregiving will be amongst the most highly valued and crucial for society to function as the end of the decade approaches.
  2. Lifelong Learning It goes without saying that as we are living longer, we will also be working for longer. It is becoming increasingly common for people to change career paths, hold multiple different job titles and learn new skills throughout their working life. As such, there is a growing requirement for those jobs which fall under the umbrella of providing lifelong learning, training and skills to an ever-evolving workforce.
  3. Adaptability and Business AcumenSimilarly, as we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, adaptability is key to keep businesses functioning, growing and thriving. As a result, those jobs which facilitate the implementation, navigation and development of new technologies in business will soar in importance come the end of the decade. Whilst this sector may have in the past been considered an ‘add-on’ at the periphery of the traditional core sectors of business, it is fast becoming one of the most influential in the employment landscape.

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